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Canister vacuums

Best Canister Vacuums By Brand

Hoover, Panasonic,Eureka,Emer,Fuller Brush,Johnny Vac,Sanitaire,Proteam,Bissell,Sebo,Perfect,Miele,Nuematic,Air Rider,Lov-Less,Sirena,Vapamore,Oreck are Carried by us at the lowest price 

The canister vacuum cleaner series are the ideal solution for daily cleaning.Efficient and handy, they remove the dust from everywhere reaching into even the most difficult corners and making your home clean and safer.Compact and light, they are easy to handle and thanks to their wide range of accessories they can be used effectively on any kind of floor, from parquet to cotton, from tiles to carpets.
they are a studied technology that meet any cleaning and Home keeping need, with automatic power adjustmentand an efficient suction system which is even safer thanks to their filtering levels Micro or hepa levelsand an hygienic microfibre filter paper bagged systems from the brands we carry

AiRider Canister Vacuum
AiRider Canister Vacuum
Carpet Pro Canister Vacuums
Clean Obsessed Canister Vacuum
Loveless Ash vacuum and Dry wall Vac
Loveless Ash vacuum and Dry wall Vac
Nuematic Nacecare Canister Vacuums
Nuematic Nacecare Canister Vacuums
Sirena Water Filtered Canister vacuums
Sirena Water Filtered Canister vacuums
Titan Canister Vacuums
Titan Canister Vacuums
First Thing in your selection 

Type of surface you are cleanind

             Bare Floor            Bare Floors some Area Rugs           Wall to wall and some bare floors

Bare Floors. This is pretty easy a Straight Suction canister will do the job. Here is my Best selection 

Bare Floors and area rugs and small living space no pets - This you can use straight suction canister as above plus add a turbo brush to groom the area rugs If you have pets and any time of rugs area rugs you will need a electric powre brush below

Carpet Wall To Wall and bare floor plus any pets- You will need a electric power brush canister. 

Power Brush Sizes There usually are 3 types of power brushes Small compact. Larger ones, and Now new Soft Carpet brush for those special carpets 

usually I prefer the larger type. Why you ask? The smaller units have very small motors for one and the brush roller bristles are not that aggressive in deep cleaning. It works very similar to a turbo brush as mentioned above. I would only recommend this for no pet households and limited low pile carpeting 

next Bag or Bagless

Bagged is always the best selection! Forget what they say on TV. More Hygienic, Cheaper, More Suction, Better for allergies, sealed systems. Fewer Filters to change

Bagless. Lot of Hype WHY?? Because the Big stores are not able to stock the bags. No assisted Floor sales. Do not want to sell these items they last longer!  Except Sears who sells bagged canisters for years. Also By the way Most Sears canisters over the years are Panasonic Vacuums. These we highly recommend.
Bagless Vacuums just need more maintaince. The filets need to be changed more frequent. Something has to stop the dirt from blowing out the vac usually there are 2 or more. Also any moisture into these cups from pet accidents spills you can’t see or damp carpets will get caught and cake up in the bagless cylinders. This will be a mainteince project in itself

any questions you have you can call me I will be glad to Help

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