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Heat Smart Ssg1500 Infrared Portable Space Heater,.

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MSRP: $499.99
Price: $462.11
You Save: $37.88 (8 %)
Item Number: SSF1500
Manufacturer: Soleus Air
Manufacturer Part No: SSF1500
att: Home & Garden > Household Appliances > Climate Control > Space Heaters
Heat Smart Ssg1500  Infrared Portable Space Heater,. 

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Heat the rooms you spend time in, not the whole house. Our infrared heater gives you a choice of how much of your home you want to heat. With most central heating systems you have to heat your whole house whether youre using all the rooms or not.
Infrared heat conveys heat better than hot air. By heating occupants and their surroundings, infrared heat allow you to feel warmer even at lower room temperature and for a longer period of time.
Personal radiant heaters Make you feel more comfortable at a lower room temperature.

Cabinet: Furniture Grade 5/8" plywood w/ Oak Veneer Finish Sold Wood (not particle board as found in other units) 
Casters: Uses four Hi-impact casters. Easily rolled from room to room. 
Chamber: Galvanized / Electro-plated solid Steel Chamber 
Weight: 33.1 pounds
Dimensions: 13.128w x 19.25d x 17.25h
Power: Plugs into any standard 110v 3-prong grounded wall outlet
Exclusive Features: YES Option-Switch allows you to convert your heater from 1500 watts to 1000 watts of energy. 
Maximum Heating Area: 1500 watts will heat a space up to 1,000 sq. ft. and 1000 watts is ideal for a smaller room up to 600 sq. ft. 
Watts: 1500 watts on HI setting and 1000 watts on LOW setting. 
Amps: 12.6 on HI and 9.0 on LOW 
TUs: 5000 on Hi setting and 3400 on LOW setting 
Thermostat: Electronic Thermostat with LCD digital display and remote control.
Filter: Lifetime washable electrostatic filter 
Accuracy: Thermostat is accurate to + 1°
Thermostat Range: 40° to 90° Fahrenheit 
Power Cord: 6ft 14 gauge 
Safety: ETL, UL, CTL certified.
Safety Cut Off Switch: YES, automatically turns off if airflow is obstructed. 
Remote Control: YES, small, attractive simple design 
Cord Storage: YES, Convenient built in cord wrap 
Lifetime Filter: YES, Simple to remove and clean just run it under water and let dry 
Heat Chamber: Convection Style Heat Chamber uses the latest and most efficient design
Heat Type: Therapeutic Quartz Infrared Heat. 
Heating Source: Six Infrared Elements (tubes). Tubes are manufactured to last 20,000 hours 
Fan System: Two sleeve-bearing fans 
Noise Level: Quite 33.87 DbA rating 
Warranty: Extended 3 year warranty includes replacement of infrared heating elements

Heat the rooms you spend time in only, not the whole house. Heat Smart heaters allow you to just heat the areas of your home that you occupy. Central heating systems heat the entire house, even areas that are unoccupied, or seldomly used. This green idea can save you up to 60% off on your gas or electric bill!

Infrared heaters are the safest type of portable heaters, and are safe for homes that have kids and pets. Infrared heat is found naturally in nature every day. As the sun generates light rays, it creates several types of heat in the process including Infrared heat. Infrared heat uses short light rays to penetrate objects, including people. Because the objects in the room are also heated in the process, these objects are now warmed and producing heat themselves, creating even more engergy efficiency.

The Heat Smart heater uses super quiet fans to draw air into the heater through a lifetime washable filter. Filtered air passes over, around and through the patented Heat Smart convection-style heat chamber that uses infrared light rays from the six quartz elements to gently and continually heat the air. The infrared heat is transferred to moisture molecules in the air and then passed from molecule to molecule, evenly heating the room, while maintaining the moisture in the air. This moist heat is healthier, as well as therapeutic.

This heat is dispersed from the heater as moderate and long-lasting warmth. The heat penetrates the humidity in the air and rides it throughout the room. The humidity renders the heat heavy and this keeps it in the room at lower levels where people are for a longer time. This heavy heat spreads out more evenly instead of hovering at the ceiling. Infrared heaters retain humidity and will not dry the air. By contrast, combustion and heat resistant systems produce hot heat that quickly rises to the ceiling, and out of the reach of your living space; these systems product dry heat, removing the moisture from the air. All of these factors make other systems inefficient and more costly.

By adopting the technology that emulates the natural heating system of the earth, consumers can experience lower costs and greater energy efficiency.

The Heat Smart Infrared Heater is UL, ETL, and CSA certified. The sole purpose of these testing agencies is to ensure that products promote safe living and only approve products that are physically and environmentally safe. Our heater has passed their rigorous testing standards and has earned UL/ETL approval.

Infrared heating systems are safe and clean. Its this same infrared technology that hospital incubators use for newborns. We bring this state-of-the-art concept into your home with the Heat Smart heater. You will have peace of mind as your children and pets safely play, relax and sleep around our heater as it gently and quickly warms the room.

The grill surface heats to a safe temperature, so you wont get burned if its accidentally touched. Infrared heat maintains oxygen and moisture in the air, unlike other electrical or fossil-fueled space heaters. With the construction and stability of our Heat Smart heater, theres no need to worry about it tipping over, nor being a fire hazard if its too close to combustible materials. The Heat Smart heater actually has 2 internal safety switches to prevent the unit from over-heating.

The unique properties of infrared heat produce a therapeutic heat; a fact that healthcare providers have utilized for years to treat muscle and joint issues. Another benefit of infrared heat is its ability to destroy harmful biological pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

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