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Emer, Inc. was founded in Monza, Italy in 1955, and quickly became a primary producer of high quality floor polishing products. 

From the early 70's, Emer began to expand its' product line to include a wide range of new floor care products, including: canisters, power nozzles, drum cleaners, E-ZEE cleaners and uprights, eventually advancing Emer to a full line manufacturer in Europe. The company's pursuit of excellence embraces two main objectives – The ability to provide on-going quality improvement for all of its products and the relentless attention to end-user satisfaction. Franco EmilettiWe are proud of our success in the European household with over 7 million units sold since our inception. All Emer floor care products are ergonomically friendly and designed for long-term usage, Emer vacuums have durability and high performance levels in all aspects of our cleaners Gianni Emiletti, founder and President, along with his son Franco Emiletti, Managing Director, believe that Emer’s floor care products can be launched successfully and accepted into the American market through their latest innovation and newest series of special products appropriately named the Disegno Italiano. 

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