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Can-vac,Canavac central sytems The Cana Vac Central Vacuum Unit 700-LS, 399ls, 250l, 911xls, 511xls are Cana-Vacs durable, maintenance free unit. bag or baglessbagless
Cana vac can use all Central vacuum Kits
They Have  2 kits
Cana-Vac Professional XLS650  This comes in 30 ft with pigtail and 35 ft . This Kit is also available in direct connect 30 ft or 35 ft
We at emer usa feel this is the best electric kit made on the market
The next series of Central Vacuuum power kits use the most reliable Power brush that is made by wessell werks It also comes in 30ft, 35 ft , with pigtails
or 30 ft 35 ft direct connect kits