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Central vacuum kits

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What options do I have for a central vacuum electric carpet kits or central vacuum bare floor kits

You may choose between an central vacuum electric carpet kits with a pigtail cord or a turbine air driven powerhead or central vacuum bare floor kits

Clearly the central vacuum electric carpet kits with a pigtail cord provides more power to the powerhead and better, deeper cleaning for your carpets. If you have some area rugs and primarily smooth flooring, a turbine powerhead is fine, but we do not recommend a turbine powerhead if you have a significant amount of carpeting. We also offer Bare Floor Kits 
Air Driven Turbo Central Vacuum Kits
Bare Floor Central Vacuum Kits
Central Vacuum Power Brush Kits
Central vacuums are also more convenient than any portable sweeper. Instead of carrying a heavy machine up and down flights of stairs, you can mount your hose and accessories right on the wall nearest your inlet. This saves you time and energy while cleaning and helps you to enjoy an easier cleaning experience. Perhaps one of the best advantages of using system style in your home is that these systems are completely customizable. Whether you have heavy carpeting in your home or mainly hard flooring, there are tools and attachments available to cater to.
For homeowners with luxurious, medium and plush carpeting, then you'll definitely want to take a look at the  Best Electric kits by Wessell and Sebo electric attachment kits. In both of theses we feel that they are  the absolute best electric kits made. We also Strongly suggest any of the Hayden units. They have been proven in the field over many years of use. The power brushes used on these have been around on Kenmore and Panasonic canister vacuums for 30 years plus. You must also select the amout of feet in a hose lenght that may be required. Check all the inlets and measure off to the furthest point that you need for the cleaning coverage you need. Hoses come in 30 or 35 ft lenghts. Most of the Pigtails an the electric hoses are 6 ft. This should be enough requred feet to reach a electric socket from any suction inlet in the hose.
Also remeber to buy a Garage Kit this will save the life of your electric hose in the long run and they can become quite handy