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Central Vacuum Soft Carpet Power Brush Wessell Werks with wand

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Central Vacuum Soft Carpet Power Brush Wessell Werks with wand
Price: $249.00
Item Number: 13.9044-300SC
Manufacturer: wessell
Manufacturer Part No: 13.9044-300SC
Central Vacuum Soft Carpet Power Brush Wessell Werks with wand
its Most Central vacuum Systems

Power Brush and wand to fit Central vacuums with Pistol Grip Handles 

If you haven't heard of it yet, you will soon. It's the fastest growing innovation in carpet manufacturing since Marco Polo returned from the east with woven rugs made of silk. Acceptance of this new style of carpet is overwhelming. Consumers love the softness. The first time I touched it I had a desire to take off my shoes and socks and sink my bare feet into its extravagance. But understand, the days of "just any old vacuum cleaner will do" are over! While impressively luxurious, these new ultra-soft carpets can take extra care to clean. Be forewarned! Many traditional cleaners are virtually impossible to push across this carpet. The carpet is so soft that most upright vacs "sink in" and the vacuum locks to the floor like one big 120 volt suction cup. Fear not! Armed with the proper cleaner these carpets are easy to vacuum.

Game Changer logoThe trend toward softer carpet started a few years ago. Demand and manufacturing have now exploded. When ultra-soft carpet was first introduced manufacturers targeted the top of the market and the product carried a high price. This trend is now shifting. Manufacturers are introducing soft carpets at lower price points utilizing cheaper materials in lighter weights. Therefore a concern that was once reserved for extravagant residences can be and will now be found in more modest homes.

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