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1. Cleaner Head Assembly DY-923644-01
2. Soleplate Wheel DY-914892-01
3. Soleplate Axle DY-922481-01
4. Soleplate Assembly DY-923652-01
5. Slim Roller DY-921816-01
6. Swivel C-Clip Connector DY-922466-01
7. Brushbar Motor and Housing Service Assembly DY-924407-01
8. Iron Soleplate Wheel DY-909747-02
9. Soleplate Axle DY-920729-01
10. Brush Housing Service Assembly DY-924406-01
11. Brushbar Service Assembly DY-924405-01
1. Wand Handle Catch DY-920593-01
2. Spring DY-919900-14
3. On/Off Actuator DY-920600-01
4. Brushbar Actuator DY-920599-01
5. Brushbar Reset Switch DY-921376-01
6. Switch DY-918989-02
7. Switch DY-918989-02
8. Connection Insulator DY-911041-01
9. Link Wire DY-920291-01
10. Internal Powercord Assembly DY-923185-01
11. Duct Hatch Assembly DY-922577-01
12. Upper Duct Assembly DY-923698-01
14. Cable Protector DY-920914-01
15. Powercord Assembly DY-923427-04
17. Combination Tool Assembly DY-920753-01
18. Lower Cable Winder DY-920590-01
19. Tool Holder DY-920595-01
20. Stair Tool DY-920756-01
1. Screw DY-910703-01
2. Screw DY-910703-02
3. Upright Switch Wiring Assembly DY-923186-01
4. Upright Switch Spring DY-923264-01
5. Upright Switch CAM DY-922568-01
6. Female Connector Block DY-922558-01
8. Gear Lever DY-922555-01
9. Gear Lever Bush DY-922556-01
10. Yoke Service Assembly DY-924958-01
11. Screw DY-910702-23
12. Stand Assembly DY-923712-01
13. Washer DY-911337-01
14. Ball Shell Cap DY-920703-02
15. Ball Shell Assembly DY-923682-01
16. Motor Bucket Cover DY-922633-01
17. Motor Bucket Seal DY-922634-01
18. 120V Panasonic Motor Assembly DY-921440-01
19. Screw DY-910703-03
20. Yoke Upper DY-965051-01
23. PCB Assembly DY-923556-01
25. Lower Hose Cuff Seal DY-965013-01
27. COV Hose Assembly DY-922625-01
28. COV Service Assembly DY-924961-01
29. Screw DY-910702-27
30. Motor Bucket Service Assembly DY-924603-01
31. Upright Lock DY-922567-01
32. Spring DY-965155-01
33. Screw DY-910703-01
34. Screw DY-910703-03
35. Glamour Cap (Filter Side) DY-921348-01
36. Ball Shell Filterside Service Assembly DY-924957-01
37. HEPA Post Filter Assembly DY-922676-01
38. Yoke Cable Assembly DY-923188-01
39. Swivel Lock Arm DY-922559-01
40. Spring DY-919900-42
41. Internal Hose Service Assembly DY-924796-01
42. Screw DY-910702-04
43. Stand Wheel Service Assembly DY-924162-01

1. Pre-filter Assembly DY-923587-02
2a. Satin Rich Yellow Cyclone Service Assembly DY-924966-01
2b. Satin Rich Purple Cyclone Service Assembly DY-924966-02
2c. Satin Rich Blue Cyclone Service Assembly DY-924966-03
2d. Satin Rich Red Cyclone Service Assembly DY-924966-07
2e. Satin Rich Fuschia Cyclone Service Assembly DY-924966-08
2f. Satin Rich Silver Cyclone Service Assembly DY-924966-10
3. Bin Assembly DY-923585-01
4a. Satin Rich Yellow Cyclone and Bin Service Assembly DY-923582-01
4b. Satin Rich Royal Purple Cyclone and Bin Service Assembly DY-923582-02
4c. Satin Rich Blue Cyclone and Bin Service Assembly DY-923582-03
4d. Satin Rich Fuschia Cyclone and Bin Service Assembly DY-923582-08

1. Wand Handle Service Assembly DY-923522-01
2. Wand Service Assembly DY-923523-01
3. Hose Assembly DY-920765-02