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Hayden 30' SuperPack II Direct Connect Attachment Kit 99360-30.42

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Hayden 30' SuperPack II Direct Connect Attachment Kit 99360-30.42
Price: From $399.00 to $419.00
Manufacturer: Hayden
Manufacturer Part No: 99360-30.42

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Hayden 30' SuperPack II Direct Connect Attachment Kit 99360-30.42

 Hayden's most deluxe attachment kit. It includes a 30' crush-resistant hose, direct-connect steel telescopic wand, standard telescopic wand, deluxe German-made power nozzle with quick release wand connector, floor brush, deluxe horse hair dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool and hose hanger

The high quality dual-voltage SuperHose features a super convenient finger-tip switch right in the hose end for controlling both the SuperVac central vacuum as well as the power nozzle. No longer is there a need to run back to the wall and remove the hose to stop the main power unit. Simply switch it off right where you are. To clean a small area of bare floor, simply turn off the power nozzle's motor and go right onto the bare floor without breaking your work pace. To change to using a different attachment, simply step on the power nozzle's quick-release lever and the telescopic electric wand is easily removed and available for use with the floor brush or other attachments.

The wall end of the hose is especially designed to work with Hayden's dual voltage SuperValve or most standard wall inlet valves. The SuperValve wall inlet incorporates the standard low voltage contacts for controlling the main power unit as well as a 115 volt receptacle providing current for the power nozzle's motor and headlight. All necessary connections are made by simply plugging Hayden's SuperHose into their SuperValve. For use on standard wall inlets, the hose can be configured with the included 6' cord attached at the wall end. This cord needs to be plugged into a standard 115 volt household electrical outlet. As you can see, the SuperHose is much more convenient to use when combined with the SuperValve.

Quick-Disconnect Electric Wand

Switching to a floor brush or other attachment is very easy with the convenient quick-disconnect telescopic wand. Simply step on the pedal at the base of the wand to remove it from the power nozzle. The electrical connection is also disconnected in that one easy operation. Slip on another attachment and you're ready to continue cleaning. To reattach the power nozzle, simply slip the wand into the power nozzle connector and it's ready to use again. All electical connections for the hose handle, wand and power nozzle built inside them so there are no external cords.

Durable Power Nozzle Construction

German-made Power Nozzle

This German-made power nozzle is designed to withstand hard use and still keep going. A non-slip cog type belt provides positive power transfer from the 1.3 motor to the full size 13 3/8" contoured revolving roller. Many power nozzles have three thin strips that cross the brush roll, making it hard to remove wrapped hair around and under them. Not so with this one. The brush roll opening is open all the way from left to right, making it much easier to clean. It even has two-step raised rings at both ends to prevent wrapped hair, threads, etc. from flipping off the edge into the bearings and belts. Combining two rows of stiff bristles on a contoured brush roll and a cog type belt with the outstanding power of a Hayden SuperVac, this nozzle will perform very well on all types of carpeted floors. Its 5-position height adjustment enables you to match the thickness of any carpet pile. Large rear wheels enhance the ease of use on thicker carpets. This is one of only a few power nozzles that can clean the newer super-soft carpets without burying itself in the nap, making it almost impossible to clean them. Having all soft wheels plus a squeege blade behind the brush roll opening, this power nozzle can be used on non-carpeted floors as well. A finger-tip switch on the Hayden hose handle enables you to stop the brush roll when cleaning non-carpeted floors.

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