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Wessel-Werk The Chateau Collection 35 Attachment Kit 6 Ft Pigtail or direct connect 99*340-35-01

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Wessel-Werk The Chateau Collection 35Ft Attachment Kit 6 Ft Pigtail or direct connect 99-340-30.0
Wessel-Werk The Chateau Collection 35Ft Attachment Kit 6 Ft Pigtail or direct connect 99-340-30.0Wessel-Werk The Chateau Collection 35Ft hose quick releasetelescope wand
MSRP: $529.99
Price: $379.00
You Save: $150.99 (28 %)
Item Number: 99*340-35-01
Manufacturer: wessell
Manufacturer Part No: 99*340-35-01

The Hose

This kit includes a pigtail  hose which can be easily converted to a direct connect hose with the provided instructions. 

The 35 ft. 360ð CVS Hose
The lightweight current carrying hose is 35 feet long with a soft molded ElectraFlexé hose body. The CVS hose body is highly flexible to make sharp turns without cutting off the suction. The handgrip is also the latest design in ergonomic "Gas Pump" grips. Keeping the grab area small means less fatigue on your fingers and wrist than with gripping the whole diameter of the hose. The hose body is an oversized 1 3/8" ID with a smooth bore interior for better airflow properties, an estimated 20% better than the standard 1.25" hoses. The larger interior diameter hose gives air moving through the hose less resistance for increased velocity and through flow. The new 1 3/8" hose works exactly the same as older 1.25" hoses. Central Vacuum Attachment Group

The hose-to-grip connection has a full 360ð swivel union that keeps you tangle free while moving about room to room, and the fingertip switch is 3 position giving you complete control over the remote suction unit and the powered brush. The switch has a center off position, move the switch in one direction to turn on the power unit for straight suction cleaning or to clean hard floors.

Premium Central Vacuum Attachment GroupMoving the switch to the third position will turn on the suction unit and also energize the powered brush for carpet cleaning. An industry standard, this hose is manufactured by Plastiflex and will fit all new and most existing CVS systems with standard connection wall plates.


 Telescopic Steel Wand with Cord Management
Connecting the EBK340-QDC Power Brush to the hose handle was given no less thought than the power brush itself. The new double action Myraton Telescopic Wand with QDC (Quick Disconnect) provides effortless attachment and adjustment of the power brush for carpet cleaning. Through a easy to use thumb operated button the chromed steel wand can be adjusted for any sized user, extending from 24.5" - 38.75".

The new Myraton QDC tele-wand has incredibly smooth slide action. The new latching mechanism gives a firm lock that does not slip and is easy to set. The new adjustable wand also has a redesigned interior that is smooth to reduce debris snags and increase airflow. Sealed from the dirt and dust passing through the wand itself, the telescopic action is completely maintenance free.

The ultimate in power brush convenience, the Myraton telescopic wand features a quick disconnect system that enables you to easily remove the power brush from the system. In this QDC system the cord remains with the wand where connectors on each end allow it to be unplugged from the power brush at the bottom or from the hose grip at the top. This allows you to switch cleaning tools from any connector without having to unplug cords or remove connectors.

Central Vacuum Attachment GroupUsing the QDC System is simple. The EBK340-QDC has a receiver engineered into its swivel connector. The Myraton Wand has the built on cord with its mating connector held in place. When you insert the wand into the power brush the system makes the connection of the plug and locks them together. To release the wand you step on the foot tab of the power brush and power plug is disconnected from its socket and the wand is released from the EBK340-QDC. Without bending or stooping you can easily change the cleaning tool from power brush to floor brush - then to crevice nozzle and back to power brush in just seconds - without latches, buttons or plugs.

The lower "stationary" part of the wand system includes the more reliable rivet down steel lock pin that works with the QDC to keep the wand engaged into the EBK340-QDC power brush. The QDC connector is mounted to the wand and two soft nylon cord keepers come preinstalled with the coiled power cord on the wand. The upper section of the power nozzle cord is a stretch type coil, similar to a telephone handset cord, providing tension while in the cleaning position.

The top of the telescopic wand includes an easy release tab (called a thumb saver) to quickly disengage the hose from the wand and a small crease at the top of the extension tube that centers and lowers the hose button lock for easy attachment. The back of the upper wand holds the permanently riveted Plastiflex Cord Management connector. This cord connection collar holds the coiled power cord in a ready-mounted position for quick connection to the hose grip.

Simply attach the hose to the wand and the power nozzle's cord is automatically plugged in for you. Pushing the release tab on the front of the wand lets you quickly detach the wand from the hose, no fiddling with a cord plug. A feature highly prized by central vacuumer's, the quick attach cord management system makes changing from one tool to another at the hose grip fast and easy.

Deluxe Widepath Hard Floor Brush
Just like the EBK340-QDC power brush and the Plastiflex premium hose, it is the attachments that get the cleaning done and make using a CV System a pleasure to use. When it comes to hard floors we made sure to include the best true hard floor brush. The Wessel Werk D360 natural bristle wide path 14 inch cleaning brush is made in Germany. The D360 floor tool exceeds the standard floor brush used in most generic central vacuum kits, particularly for uneven floor surfaces or homes with pets. With its unique castle cut design and soft vinyl cover the D360 lets you clean hard floors and walls quickly and safely.

Above the Floor Attachments
While most every CVS attachment kit will include the three basic above the floor attachments: dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool, we have included the best of the basic three in our attachment kit.

In every cleaning action, it is the tool at the direction of the user that gets the job done. Quality above the floor cleaning tools, just as with the D360 hard floor brush, not only get the job done faster but get it done better. The cleaning tool is where the suction meets the dirt and you need the best connection design for superior performance. Included is a professional dusting tool, the Ultimate Dusting Brush; Wessel-Werk. The UDB174 dusting tool is the nozzle for heavy duty cleaning where it is prized by maid services and professional cleaners.

The Ultimate Dusting Brush from Wessel is an indispensable tool in any cleaning arsenal. If you use your vacuum to clean above the floor or for other utility work, a dusting brush is often the tool you will use. Unfortunately the dusting brush included with most vacuums is too small to be used efficiently, has an inconvenient design or shape and may have bristles that are too short or made of material that is inflexible, leaving dust behind on the surface being cleaned.

With one tool, Wessel-Werk has addressed all the deficiencies of regular dusting brushes. The cleaning face has been shaped for the way people clean. The UDB has a five-inch cleaning depth with a 1.5 inch protected opening. The elongated service end of the tool has nearly twice the cleaning area of standard dusting brushes letting the user do more work in a single pass. The top of the UDB is also tapered and the bristles swept forward letting you clean into corners and reach areas inaccessible to other tools; and the suction opening is tapered so suction is evenly distributed the whole length of the tool.

There are 68 individual tufts mounted in a double offset row to the chassis with raised connectors to hold the bristles securely to the tool. The soft bristles are longer to flex as the tool passes over the object being cleaned, using stored tension in the bending bristle to knock dust particles off the surface and into the air stream. The poly bristles and heavy-duty housing are also water washable and fit easily in the top rack of your dishwasher.

 The deluxe vinyl upholstery tool included is 6" (152mm) wide with a scalloped bottom plate insert and a grooming brush. The shoe design insures continuous air-flow without the need for a suction reducer, eliminating "seal off". The brush strip gently engages upholstery to lift debris and groom surfaces.

The brush also helps to remove hair, pet fur, lint and other clingy soils that suction alone will not remove. The soft outer cover will not mar light colored furniture or scratch soft surfaces and the friction fitting connector will allow use directly at the end of the hose or with any wand extension.

The unique crevice tool is 13" (330mm) long with flat profile for those "hard-to-reach" corners and crevices where dust and debris can hide.  Made of textured ABS plastic the crevice tool is strong enough to take abuse but also just a bit flexible to keep it from breaking.

Most often crevice tools are used for cleaning areas and objects never conceived of by the engineers, and are jammed into, next to, under and between anything and everything. Realizing long ago that crevice tools are used often, and often abused, the crevice tool was redesigned to stand up to rigorous use. The length of this tool helps you to continue jamming, pushing and prying the crevice tool wherever you need to clean.

Because you can only clean what you can reach with your central vacuum, we wanted to leave you no excuses when using this premium attachment group. This attachment kit includes one more set of wands made of lightweight ABS for utility cleaning. Each wand is 20" in length and also features a standard 32mm friction fit to inter-operate with every other attachment in the group.

Now you can add the wand sets together and easily clean the crown molding in a room with high ceilings. The black ABS wands can be used in any combination directly on the hose grip to give you just the right reach for cleaning your car, sofa or under the refrigerator with the extra long crevice tool. The cob webs in the corner will have no way to escape the cleaning reach you have with this attachment kit.

Premium Storage
Now that you have the ultimate CVS attachment group, you need the ultimate storage solution to keep the tools from piling up in your closet - after all using your CVS should be convenient.

To keep your tools in reach while you clean floors, this kit includes a wand mount tool caddie to keep your above the floor tools on hand, ready for use.

To keep all of your tools neat and tidy, storage is provided via a soft fabric storage bag with pockets for the dusting brush, upholstery nozzle and crevice tool. There are two side pockets for the two utility wands and a larger center pocket that is large enough to store the floor brush, and more.

The fabric storage features a strong loop of nylon at the top so the bag can hang on a hook in your storage closet or you can hang the loop over a coat hanger and store the tools on a closet rod. Easy to transport, the fabric storage bag is an easy way to move all your tools to the area being cleaned, instead of walking back and forth to your storage closet to retrieve one tool at a time.

An extra large hose hanger provides hose storage. Made of polypropylene and matched to the attachment group, the hose hanger provides plenty of space to keep your hose coiled up off the floor, preventing damage.

 Easy to mount to any wall with screws or wall anchors, the hose hanger provides plenty of space for the hose, even when wrapped tightly in many shorter loops. Keeping your hose coiled and off the floor will greatly extend its cleaning life and help to keep it flexible for many years. 

Providing for complete "off the floor" accessory storage this attachment set includes one wall mount wand holder. This unique device mount directly to the wall with included screws or wall anchors and feature a flexing, pivoting rubber strap.

To store the telescopic wand and EBK340-QDC power brush, just push the wand into the rubber strap and it locks into place supporting the full weight of wand and nozzle, hanging on the wall and out of the way. The complete attachment group can be stored in the smallest of spaces easily and will not clutter up the floor. The included storage devices will help you keep your cleaning system organized, easy to find and accessible, and prevent external damage or loss - two of the most common problems with CVS attachments.

From the Plastiflex 30 ft 1 3/8" power hose, to the EBK340-QDC Power brush, and the other tools and accessories included, the Wessel Werk Kit includes everything you need to clean your home perfectly. Making the convenience of central vacuuming a reality this attachment group is easy to use, easy to store and gives you the deep cleaning results you expect from your time spent cleaning.

What's Included In The Kit

  • Wessel-Werk EBK340-QDC-QDC Power Brush
  • 35' Hose Length
  • Comes as Pigtail hose--easily converts to Direct Connect with provided instructions! 
  • Telescopic Steel Wand & Quick Disconnect
  • D360 Natural Fill Floor Brush
  • Ultimate Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool w/Brush Strip
  • Crevice Tool
  • Snap On Wand Tool Caddie
  • Tool Storage Bag
  • Extra Large Hose Storage
  • Two ABS Utility Extension Wands
  • One Wall Mount Wand Holder
  • 1 Year Warranty Powered Tools
  • 2 Year Warranty Unpowered Tools

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